RTV3020 Silicone Rubber


Simple Resin RTV3020 Silicone is the perfect material to use for mold making! This silicone is translucent, flexible, and odor free with ample working time and a cured hardness of 15-20A. Easy Mixing & Pouring: Our silicone mold making kit has an easy to use mix ratio of 1:1 by weight for part A : part B. Simply mix together equal parts A and B, stir thoroughly, and pour into your mold box. The working time of this silicone is 30 minutes at room temperature. Your poured silicone should be given at least 12 hours at room temperature to cure. Broad Range of Applications: This silicone creates very versatile molds that that are ideal for various arts and crafts use. Use our silicone to make molds for resin casting, wax, candle making, soap making, and many other applications. **Not for making molds intended for use with food.

Mix Ratio – 1:1 by weight and volume
Work Time – ~30 minutes
Demold Time – 12 hours

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