Mass Cast Clear – Deep Pour Epoxy – Up To 1.5 Inches


Jug Kit
( 1.5 total gallons; 13.1 total lbs)

Mass Cast Clear is a water clear, two-part, epoxy casting resin perfect for deep pours. Use it for a river table or any project that needs a deep pour with great clarity.  With a long work time and low viscosity Mass Cast Clear has great air release and a beautiful even cure throughout.  Can easily be pigmented or add mica powder to achieve a unique look.  Mass Cast Clear will start to yellow if poured deeper than 1″.  Pour in multiple layers for thicknesses greater than 1″ to prevent excessive heat and subsequent yellowing.

Mix Ratio By Weight – 100:40
Mix Ratio By Volume – 100:50
Cure Time – 10 hrs +/-1 (dependent upon mass/depth of pour)
Full Cure – 24 hrs

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